Other Services

Optional Items

Optional Items

We offer a range of items that can be added to a particular system. These include:

  • Additional system “modules” such as additive dosing & acidity removal;
  • Various mounting options: trailers; skids; stands; containers; etc
  • Cold weather kits that include fan heaters & PVC covers
  • Additional oil heating
  • A range of vacuum pump and booster sizes
  • Longer length hoses
  • Customised filtration requirements.
  • Our HMI screens, labels, operator control, and operation manuals can be translated into several different languages.

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We design our systems so that they are simple to operate, highly automated, and intuitive.

We also provide training to all customers so that they can feel confident about using their Trojan System safely, and to its full range of capabilities.

Training can be held onsite or remotely training through a platform such as Zoom or Teams.

System Training is comprehensive and covers:

  • an overview of the systems and its components;
  • best practice for installation and setup onsite;
  • Detailed coverage on the operation of the system;
  • Maintenance requirements;

We back all of this up with ongoing support via your local Agent / Distributor, and directly through Trojan.

Remote Communications

Remote Communications

Trojan has developed a web-based communications package that allows operators to connect to their Trojan System remotely.

Not only can Operators access real-time information on the performance of their Trojan and download historical data, but they also have almost complete remote control, with the ability to Start / Stop the system; change treatment cycles; etc.

The system can be accessed from a PC, Laptop, smartphone, or tablet), and operates outside Company firewalls and VPNs.

The modem allows Trojan to provide a high level of backup support and service for your team in the field. We can provide remote support, update firmware & programs, and diagnose faults and rectify them remotely.

Available either as a standard or optional inclusion on most models, this powerful feature provides Trojan owners with the ability to assess powerful data on their transformers and reduce unnecessary downtime.