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Trojan Travels

September and October has seen Trojan staff clocking up the miles as we visit customers across New Zealand, the USA and Europe to visit with Agents and customers, and to conduct training on new systems.

Our travels have uncovered a range of new opportunities outside our standard range of equipment, including tank farm filtering systems and portable, highly adaptable units that can be used on both LTC’s & transformer main tanks.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be back in the US and Canada, Australia and other Countries.

However, wherever we go we always try and sample the local delicacies! Yum. Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken S


Commissioning a TDOS 1000 HV in the USA

On a beautiful early Autumn day in Western Tennessee, we had the pleasure of conducting training on one of the recent TDOS 1000 units dispatched.

As this unit is mounted inside an enclosed trailer supplied by our customer, there was no need for a standard canopy, however we did add some extra metalwork around key areas for safety and protection.

This was our customers first experience with an online dry out system, but they had no hesitation in connecting onto an energised transformer first up. Something we hear quite often from our customers is how simple the Trojan is to commission and set up in the treatment program, and this training session was no exception.

With remote communications up and running, our customer can monitor the system remotely as well as track the water removal progress of their Trojan TDOS on this and other transformers.

Congrats to Mike and the team and Utility Sales Agency who represent Trojan across Tennessee and Kentucky.  

Gibson S

First System off to New Australian Distribution Partner

The first unit sold by our new distribution partner in Australia – Fluid Power Engineering Solutions - departed the Trojan factory today on its way to a new home in Western Australia.

This TDOS 1000 HV unit is headed to an industrial customer who will use it to selectively remove dissolved water and gases across their transformer fleet.

The owner will now have the ability to effectively remove these contaminants whilst leaving the transformers energised – a significant advantage on a site where the opportunity to take outages can be limited.

Well done to John and the rest of the team at Fluid Power – we look forward to working with you to grow our relationship across Australia. 

FPES South 32 inside S

FPES South 32 S

Trojan POD heading to Australia

This Trojan POD is off overseas to a Transformer manufacturer, who will include it as part of their scope of supply to their customer.

The end user included the POD as part of their transformer specifications with preventative maintenance top of mind.

The customer already operates several portable Trojan units understanding the importance of keeping moisture out of the transformer insulation and the impact that doing so has on the life of the insulation.

The Trojan POD will be permanently installed on this transformer working to ensure that moisture does not impact on the operational capacity of this expensive asset.


New TDOS System - New Zealand

One of our local customers came to pick up a TDOS 1000.

This system will be moved around New Zealand to help service their customers energised power transformers.

If you would like any further information about how one of the Trojan systems can work with your business please get in touch with your local agent or direct.


TDOS 2000 off to Western Australia

TDOS 2000 is off to a customer in Western Australia today.

The TDOS 2000 is designed for long term, unattended connection to energised power transformers.

In comparison to the TDOS 1000, this unit offers a higher maximum flow rate (2500 lph / 660 gph) and greater adsorbent capacity.

This unit will join our customers existing fleet of TDOS systems to continue their work in proactively reducing moisture and gas related issues in their transformer network.  

Please feel free to get in touch with your local agent or direct if you have any questions regarding the suitability of this or any of our systems.

WP T2 dispatch S

Another Three Systems off to North America

Another great week here at Trojan with another three systems heading over to one of our repeat customers in North America.

Trojan will be heading over to complete training in the next few months.

If you would like to arrange a meeting please don't hesitate to get in touch with your local agent or direct.Hydro s

TDOS off to USA

On a beautiful winter's day another TDOS system is on its way to one of our customers in Western Tennessee, USA

Trojan will be following in August to offer full training on the unit as well as meeting with other customers and agents.

If you would like to arrange a meeting please feel free to get in touch with your local agent or direct to arrange this.

Gibson Delivery S

Welcome Diane

We’d like to warmly welcome Diane to the Trojan family.

Diane joins us with an extensive background in administration, purchasing, accounts and sales support. 

Welcome Diane!

Diane s

New System - PNG

With an extremely short lead time, we manufactured a 160 M3 / hr. vacuum pumping system for an existing customer in Papua New Guinea. After a number of transformers experienced significant issues caused by recent earthquakes, there was an urgent need for a piece of equipment to pull vacuum on their transformers after repairs had been done.

Thank you for trusting us to get this manufactured quickly for you.