World leaders in Transformer Oil Processing Systems

Trojan Dry Out Systems designs and manufactures transformer oil care solutions for Electrical Utility, Industrial & Service Contractors all over the world.

Our range of oil processing, oil filtration and oil regeneration equipment allows transformer owners to effectively analyse, remove and manage contaminants present in power transformers that will have a significant impact on the operational capacity, safety and life expectancy of these critical assets.

Equipment to extend the natural operating life of oil filled power transformers

Trojan manufactures portable and fixed equipment solutions that allow operators to safely connect to energised transformers to remove:


Trojan is known across the globe for manufacturing transformer oil care solutions that are:

  • simple to operate
  • include numerous interlocked safety features
  • have full remote operation via forms of communications
  • and for unique, patented features such as automatic filter regeneration, which reduces the total cost of ownership very low.

Please take some time to look over our website or feel welcome to contact Trojan or one of our Authorised Agents to discuss your requirements.


Transformer Oil Filtering Systems

Trojan TDOS

Simple, safe and extremely cost effective

The TDOS provides effective removal of water and gases from the oil and insulation of energized transformers using a patented process that automatically redries the filters every daily.

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Trojan TOVS

Online Vacuum System

The TOVS employs a thermo vacuum process to remove dissolved gases and moisture from the oil and insulation of energized transformers.

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Trojan OMS

Cost Effective Transformer Moisture Removal

The OMS is used on transformers of all sizes to remove dissolved water and extend the natural life of the asset, using a proven adsorbent process.

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Trojan POD

The benchmark in Transformer Asset Management

Maintain low moisture during the transformers service life by connecting a Trojan POD, which takes a markedly different approach to its competitors.

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Trojan LTCF

Highly portable, and can be used online or offline

The LTCF provides the ability to reduce carbon, particulate and moisture in a variety of devices, such as load tap changers and circuit breakers.

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Custom Engineered Solutions

Trojan works closely with customers to design and manufacture a range of custom built systems. Whether this be a filtering solution for an oil tank farm using specific materials to meet environmental conditions, or a simple filtering unit to reduce operating costs, we’re ready and willing to help out.

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Transformer oil purification and oil regeneration Systems

Trojan HVPS

Remove carbon and particulate contamination

Trojan manufactures high vacuum oil processing systems in a range of flow rates to quickly filter the oil and to commission transformers.

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Trojan ORS

Available in a range of sizes and flow rates

A system that will bring aged, acidic and sludgy transformer oil back to an as new condition.

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Trojan's aims

Trojan Dryout Systems Mission

Our mission is to provide transformer owners and transformer maintenance contractors with oil filtration and oil processing equipment that is easy and safe to operate, highly effective, and with a low ongoing cost of operation.

Through years of experience in the industry, we have built a network of contacts that can assist with providing the following services and products:

  • Transformer maintenance
  • Oil processing and transformer commissioning
  • Oil sampling
  • Transformer oil dissolved gas analysis (DGA)
  • Hydraulic oil, lube oil, and turbine oil filtration

 Feel welcome to reach out to us on these requirements – or any other transformer related issues – and we’ll make an introduction on your behalf.

Rental Systems

In certain territories, we work with third parties to make rental units available for hire.

Contact us for further information on leasing a system for your transformer oil processing requirements.