Trojan Dryout Systems

Trojan Dry Out Systems Ltd manufactures transformer oil care solutions for Utility, Industrial & Service Contractors across the globe.

Our philosophy is simple: provide our customers around the world with industry leading, high quality equipment that is simple, inexpensive and safe to operate.

As a result, Trojan Systems manufactures a wide range of transformer filtration equipment, including:

  • Online Dry Out Systems – Portable and Fixed
  • Load Tap Changer filters systems

World Leaders in Transformer Oil Processing Equipment for use on Energized Power Transformers

Trojan Dry Out Systems are world leaders in custom designed solutions for drying out transformers online.

Unacceptable levels of water and / or gases and cannot take an outage?

Offline oil processing hasn’t provided the long term benefits expected?

The cost of LFH (Low Frequency Heating) or Vapour Phase out of the question?


Contact Trojan to discuss your options. No matter what the transformer size or rating, we have a solution that will allow you to solve these issues at lower cost and with better long term than other options available.