Employing an industry standard thermo vacuum oil purification process, the TOVS is designed for removing gases and moisture from energized transformers.

Gas and moisture content will be reduced down to very low levels, bringing the oil DGA back to acceptable levels.

Utilizing the automated safety features built into all of Trojan’s systems, operators can leave the TOVS to operate unattended on transformers of virtually any size to reduce operating capability and extend the life of the asset. 

Oil Processing: online, unattended

Trojan TOVS

The TOVS vacuum oil purification process

Energized Transformer oil processing

The TOVS is designed for long term, unattended operation on energized transformers of all sizes and mva ratings.

It includes all of the simplicity of operation functionality of the TDOS and is based on the industry leading Trojan safety platform that are included in our entire range of systems.

Typically used as a portable piece of equipment on a stand or trailer, the TOVS can be used on a number of transformers annually.

Thermo Vacuum oil processing

Employing an industry standard thermo vacuum process, the TOVS uses a combination of varying levels of heat and vacuum to reduce gases and moisture in the oil and cellulose insulation down to very low levels – all whilst the transformer remains energized.

The Operator can select the exact oil temperature – or no oil heating at all – at which they want to process the oil.

The oil is heated on the way into the TOVS and then exposed to vacuum in the TOVS vacuum chamber.

Degas coalescing elements are used in the chamber, as they provide the most effective method of moisture and gas separation. Automatic foam level control is standard, along with multiple protection against over temperature.

Moisture and gases are removed during this process. As the TOVS remains on the transformer for a period of time, this allows for the moisture content in the transformer to be reduced.

Simple and inexpensive to operate, with a safety-first approach

The TOVS provides a safe and cost-effective solution for accurate water contamination analysis, water in cellulose reduction and gas from oil removal.

With a sound history of reliability and many fail-safe features, the TOVS provides transformer owners with an economical and effective alternative to current methods, along with a wealth of experience on energized equipment across the globe. The TOVS can also be used on different types of equipment, such as:

  • Processing oil in bulk storage tanks
  • Filling or emptying power transformers

Operators find them simple and very easy to use, with screen prompting and colour coded valves.

The TOVS requires minimal ongoing maintenance, and has a proven history of safe, unattended operation.