TDOS systems allow transformer owners to remove dissolved moisture from the oil and insulation of energized power transformers; with the added feature of processing the oil to remove dissolved gases when required.

These contaminants can be removed without the need to constantly change filter elements or recharge the media.

The TDOS is the only system available with the ability to regenerate its water removal filters in-situ without any operator intervention or disconnection from the transformer.

The Ultimate in Online Transformer Oil Filtration

Trojan TDOS

Trojan Dry Out System online moisture and gas removal

Automatic filter regeneration: patented drying technology

The TDOS is a truly unique oil filtering system in that it employs large capacity adsorbent filters to remove moisture in the insulation down to very low levels.

However, unlike other adsorbent systems that require frequent changing of the media, the water removal filters on the TDOS are automatically redried daily by the system - with no operator involvement required.

To truly differentiate itself from other systems available, the TDOS also includes the ability to remove all gases from the transformer via a selectable / optional vacuum degassing cycle.

These two functions provide transformer owners with a wide range of oil processing options with a single system; along with the ability to remove the main issues affecting the operational life of the transformer at very low ongoing cost.

Energized transformer oil filtration: effective removal of moisture from the transformer insulation

Designed for long term, unattended operation on energized transformers, the TDOS uses large capacity adsorbent filters to remove moisture in the oil and cellulose insulation to very low levels. Typically used as a portable piece of equipment on a stand or trailer, the TDOS can be used on a number of transformers annually.

Using a patented process, the water removal filters are automatically redried at regular intervals, ensuring maximum water removal efficiency & low ongoing cost of operation (i.e.: extremely low consumables requirements). The filters are typically changed every 18-24 months.

The benefit of the TDOS filter adsorption water removal method rather than the alternative continuous high vacuum systems is that it does not remove the nitrogen blanket from the transformer, disturb the oil DGA, and remove lighter fractions / aromatics from oil, altering its chemical qualities.

Optional Treatment Cycles: multiple oil processing optionsTDOS 7

With three optional treatment cycles: Analysis; Degassing; & water removal. the TDOS is the most versatile online dry out system available.

By including an optional module for acidity reduction or additive dosing, the all-round oil treatment capabilities of the TDOS are even broader.

Regenerating the water removal filters at regular intervals considerably increases water removal efficiency and accelerates the process of removing water from the transformer insulation. The water removal filters are typically only replaced every 2 years, providing an extremely low-cost solution to managing water levels in transformers.

Simple to operate, with a safety-first approach

Because the TDOS is designed for long term unattended operation, we have designed it to be simple to use, include numerous interlocked safety features; along with web based remote monitoring & communications as standard.

It provides a safe and cost effective solution for accurate water contamination analysis, water in cellulose reduction and gas from oil removal.

With a sound history of reliability and many fail-safe features, the TDOS provides an economical and effective alternative to many current methods. It is compatible with both mineral and FR3 oils.

The Trojan requires virtually no maintenance, and has a proven history of safe, unattended operation.