The Trojan POD is installed by customers to provide continuous, low cost water removal from the oil and insulation of an energized transformer.

This approach to oil management provides ongoing moisture reduction which improves the operational reliability of the transformer, as well as extending its natural operating life.

The POD is transformer oil treatment made simple, but with all the safety features you’d expect from a Trojan Online Dry Out System.

The Ultimate Moisture Management System

Trojan POD

POD cylinder transformer oil treatment system

Effective… and safe

The ultimate low maintenance, low cost moisture management solution for the life of the transformer. Installed either on new transformers or those already in service, the Trojan POD is designed for use on energized power transformers of all sizes, and will provide transformer owners with an economical, simple to operate, and low maintenance approach to maintaining water, acidity and particulate to very low levels in for the life of the transformer.

The Trojan POD continuously removes water and particulate from the transformer oil and insulation on energized transformers of all sizes, and can be installed on either new or existing transformers. Because it is permanently installed on the transformer, the POD will maintain moisture at very levels for the life of the transformer.

Additionally, the POD system has the added capability of removing both moisture and acidity by simply changing the type of filter media used in the POD cylinders.

Transformer lifecycle management

Installation of the Trojan POD can usually be completed in a short amount of time. Oil supply to the Trojan POD is taken from the bottom drain valve or low down in the cooling circuit. Oil from the coldest part of the transformer is preferred for maximum water removal. Oil from the Trojan POD to the transformer is normally to the bottom of the conservator, top of the main tank or any valve some distance away from the inlet supply valve.

Oil is circulated through the Trojan POD and water is removed from the oil and stored in large capacity molecular sieve filter cylinders. The level of saturation of the filter media can easily be determined by comparing the incoming water in oil levels with the outgoing levels. Trojan Systems can provide detailed advice on the optimal time to change the adsorbent media.

The Trojan POD provides the transformer owner with a low cost, long term solution for managing moisture levels for the life of the transformer.