The Trojan Oil Regeneration System (ORS) is used to regenerate transformer oils back to an “as new” condition via a well proven process that is a significant advancement from traditional fullers earth type systems, which create vast quantities of waste.

The ORS will remove acidity in transformers to provide oil life extension. The ORS oil regeneration plant includes an oil processing component to remove moisture, gases and particulate from the transformer oil.

Other contaminants that can be removed are sludge and corrosive sulfur. The process can be conducted on energized or non-energized transformers.

Remove Acidity, Sludge and Corrosive Sulphur

Trojan ORS

Trojan ORS with fuel tank

Return Oil to an “As New” Condition

The Trojan ORS is designed to completely regenerate / reclaim transformer oil and return it to an "as new" condition. The Trojan ORS will remove acidity, sludge, corrosive sulphur & ageing by-products. The system can be configured for either portable or fixed location applications.

The filter media can be reactivated 200 - 300 times, meaning lower ongoing cost of operation & labour requirements, & making filter media disposal simpler. 

Aged, oxidized transformer oil has a significant effect on the life of the transformer and the dielectric qualities of both the oil and cellulose. It accelerates the destruction of the cellulose insulation and if corrosive sulphur is present, the copper is affected. The polar compounds and sludge in the oil adsorb quantities of dissolved water compared to new oil reducing the dielectric strength.

The Trojan Oil Regeneration System (ORS) uses a specific grade of adsorbent filter media to return aged, oxidized transformer oil to its original "as new" condition, free of acidity, sludge & oxidation by-products. Color and oxidation stability are greatly improved and treated oil will meet or exceed the quality requirements of new oil.

These results can be achieved in a single pass by operating at a reduced flow rate, or by circulating the oil numerous times at a higher flow rate.

The Trojan ORS can be designed to either of the following specifications:

  • Automatically reactivating the filter media (200 - 300 times). This option provides lower costs on labour, consumables, disposal requirements & cost per litre/gallon of removal; or
  • Replacing the media when it becomes depleted, which is typically after a single pass.

Automated sorbent reactivation

The reactivation process removes all contaminants from the filter media, returning it to a 'like new' condition. All contaminates stored in the filter media, such as sludge and decay products are isolated into a separate tank for later disposal. Wastage is usually about 0.1% to 0.3% of the total oil volume being processed. The entire reactivation process is fully automated. The system does not need constant monitoring during the reactivation process, with numerous interlocked safety measures incorporated in the system as a safeguard.
When the media is fully depleted (approx. 200 - 300 reactivations), it is reactivated a final time returning it to its original inert condition, completely free from oil and contaminants. It can then be disposed into landfill or like (local disposal guidelines may vary).

Sizes to suit all applicationsORS highly portable system

Small, highly portable system:

  • Trailer, Stand, Container or Skid mounting options
  • Suitable for low towing capacity vehicles
  • Access to space restriced sub stations and / or access routes

Large, portable walk in system:

  • Custom Shipping Container, Semi-Trailer or Skid Based mounting options
  • Higher oil flow, faster oil processing capability
  • More adsorption capacity, process higher quantities of oil before media needs to be reactivated

Bulk Oil and Recycling System:

  • Manufactured to any number of columns
  • Can be divided into separate banks of columns
  • Continuous oil processing (even while some tanks are being reactivate)
  • Suitable for Tank farms and bulk oil storage facilities