Trojan’s OMS range of oil filtering equipment provide transformer owners with a safe, cost effective portable solution for oil processing of online transformers.

Select from our standard range of models, or Trojan can custom engineer to suit specific requirements, eg: oil tank farms.

Using easy to source adsorbent media, OMS systems are highly effective at reducing dissolved moisture in the oil and transformer insulation, and improving the oil dielectric strength, and by simply changing the type of media used, the OMS can also reduce the level of acidity in the transformer, online and unattended.

Cost-effective Molecular Sieve Media

Trojan OMS

Trojan OMS moisture removal power transformer

Moisture assessment and removal

The Trojan OMS uses highly adsorbent media to remove moisture down to very low levels on energized transformers. Different media options are available, including loose media or filter cartridges.

The Trojan OMS system has the capacity to remove a large quantity of water from a transformer before saturation of the adsorbent media in its filter cylinders, where a specific grade of molecular sieve bead is used which is able to absorb a high percentage of its own structure in moisture without altering the DGA profile of the oil.

The OMS range can be manufactured to any number of columns and configured to use either filter elements or loose media.

Processing lower oil volumesOMS 200 2

The Trojan OMS is a molecular sieve type water removal system that is designed to be used whilst the transformer is online & in service. It continuously removes water from the transformer oil and paper insulation, a process that not only reduces the rate of ageing, but will improve the dielectric strength of the insulation, increase its reliability and the operational lifespan of the transformer.

Highly portable oil filtering

The water molecules chemically bond to the molecular sieve material contained in the systems filter cylinders as the oil is pumped through the filter media. The total volume of molecular sieve material required in the system can vary between users, based on the respective oil volumes to be processed.

As a result, the system can be manufactured to suit.

The Trojan OMS filter columns are configured to use molecular sieve material in two different forms. Either of the following can be used, depending on individual customer preferences:

  • Loose Fill – Approx 35 kgs / 77 lbs of molecular sieve material per column.
    • Benefits: More adsorbent capacity, lower cost per gallon of moisture removed, longer duration until media becomes saturated, more cost effective.
  • Filter Elements – 4 filter elements, totalling 26 kgs / 57 lbs molecular sieve per column.
    • Benefits: quick & easy to replace.

Each configuration can be manufactured to contain any number of columns. The OMS – Cart offers users even greater portability & manoeuvrability than the standard version of the OMS.

The OMS-Cart is the perfect system for use on transformers located in very difficult to access locations with restricted access or mobility, which can include:

  • underground vaults;
  • inside small buildings;
  • high rise buildings;
  • Shopping centres.