The Trojan LTCF is utilized by customers who require a portable tap changer filtering solution for removing carbon, particulate and moisture from energized or non-energized load tap changers, or other oil filled devices.

The LTCF is simple to operate, includes automated safety cut outs, and can be used for a number of oil filtering applications either out in the field or back at the depot.

Online / Offline LTC Filtering

Trojan LTCF

LTCF series closed door

Carbon, Particulate & Moisture Management for Load Tap Changers

The LTCF Series are highly portable and designed for use on energized or non-energized apparatus to remove particulate, carbon and moisture down to acceptable levels.

Designed for use on load tap changers, mains switches, circuit breakers, the LTCF Series can be configured for online or offline operation, and are designed to remove particulate, carbon and moisture to very low levels. 

Contamination of the oil can be in two forms – water and particulate (including carbon). The Trojan LTCF System can be designed to provide an economical approach for removal of the contaminants that are of concern in your transformer fleet.

The LTCF System employs a method of progressive, large capacity contamination reduction as the oil passes through the system, allowing for large capacity dirt holding, extended filter life and reduced cost of filter replacements.

This unique approach of large capacity, low cost filters spreads the load of dirt and water removal, ensuring extended filter life and low cost filtration.

If required, a separate, additional column can be included on the system specifically to reduce moisture levels to very low levels.

The system can also be used for topping up oil to LTC's and other electrical gear.

System adaptability to suit on-site needs

Trojan LTCF Systems are operator friendly and provide comprehensive depth filtration with low ongoing costs.

The LTCF Series can be configured for portable applications or permanent installation.