Trojan Dryout Systems

Commissioning a TDOS 1000 HV in the USA

On a beautiful early Autumn day in Western Tennessee, we had the pleasure of conducting training on one of the recent TDOS 1000 units dispatched.

As this unit is mounted inside an enclosed trailer supplied by our customer, there was no need for a standard canopy, however we did add some extra metalwork around key areas for safety and protection.

This was our customers first experience with an online dry out system, but they had no hesitation in connecting onto an energised transformer first up. Something we hear quite often from our customers is how simple the Trojan is to commission and set up in the treatment program, and this training session was no exception.

With remote communications up and running, our customer can monitor the system remotely as well as track the water removal progress of their Trojan TDOS on this and other transformers.

Congrats to Mike and the team and Utility Sales Agency who represent Trojan across Tennessee and Kentucky.  

Gibson S