Trojan Dry Out System (TDOS Series)

Designed for long term, unattended operation on energised transformers, the TDOS uses large capacity adsorbent filters to remove moisture in the oil and cellulose insulation to very low levels. Typically used as a portable piece of equipment on a stand or trailer, the TDOS can be used on a number of transformers annually.

Using a patented process, the water removal filters are automatically redried at regular intervals, ensuring maximum water removal efficiency & low ongoing cost of operation (i.e.: extremely low consumables requirements). The filters are typically changed every 18-24 months.

The TDOS has three optional treatment cycles: Analysis, Degassing (Low Vacuum & High Vacuum models available) & water removal, providing the owner with significant processing capabilities in the one system. The TDOS is the most versatile online dry out system available in the world.

The TDOS is simple to ebony porn use, has numerous interlocked safety features, and includes remote monitoring & communications as standard.

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Trojan Online Molecular Sieve (OMS / OMS-Cart Series)

The Trojan OMS system has the capacity to remove a large quantity of water from a transformer before saturation of the adsorbent media in its filter cylinders, where a specific grade of molecular sieve bead is used which is able to absorb a high percentage of its own structure in moisture without altering the DGA profile of the oil.

The OMS Range can be manufactured to any number of columns & configured to use either filter elements or loose media.

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Trojan POD (POD Series)

Installed either on new transformers or those already in service, the Trojan POD is designed for use on energised power transformers of all sizes, and will provide transformer owners with an economical, simple to operate, and low maintenance approach to maintaining water, acidity and particulate to very low levels in for the life of the transformer.

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